Cloger ear

If your ear buzzing and can not hear well, maybe the problem is due to the concentration honeycomb inside. To get rid of the honeycomb insert in the ear a piece of cotton wet   of olive oil. 

Leave cotton overnight and in the morning rinse the inside of the ear with lemon juice .
Follow the treatment for 4-5 days and if your ear still blocked , then one rinse with lukewarm water . Caution , however , should not follow this treatment if you are not sure that the problem is due to the honeycomb or if you have suffered perforation of the drum 


 If you feel weak and fatigued, a treatment with raw
cabbage will refresh you and you will get stronger. 
Rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins (first and foremost vitamin C), the cabbage has wonderful tonic effects. 
 If, recovering from a viral infection and feel loose of your strength, the best remedy is to eat a bowl of coleslaw 2 times a day, for 3-4 days.
 Mosquito bites

or... Put on the bite a little vinegar to reduce the redness and itchiness .

or....Dabbing small amounts of lavender oil direct to the affected area can relieve the itching quickly .

or...Fresh basil leaves that are crushed and directly applied to the area also naturally relieve itching symptoms.

or..Cut a lemon or lime into pieces and rub gently on the affected area, or just squirt a bit of juice on it.

or...Rub the sap of an onion over the bite.

or... Inside the shell of the egg you will find a flexible membrane. Cover the bite with the membrane and let dry. As it contracts, it will draw out some of the toxin.

or.... Apply some honey to the bite area


To avoid bruising, put them in a cloth a little onion - chopped , not sliced ​​but not ground , and to have a little  juice from the onion - and on top sprinkle with salt . Then , tie with a cloth and bruise limited .


 Place in burning some toothpaste , tomato ,potato ,yogurt ,puree and softened the pain .

Wasp or bee sting 

 After removing any sting , rub onto a metal object ( e.x. wrench , or fork ) to reduce pain and not swollen .

You can also apply a mixture of baking soda and water or calamine lotion


Scorpion sting 

 The old days , where people lived and worked in more rural areas , the scorpion stings were common. 
 So when you kill a scorpion , leaving him in the sun to dry thoroughly and then rub the powder .

 Dust this adds to milk their children , to reduce pain and the risk where the feast scorpion .


If you want to stop a persistent and annoying hiccup, put two ice cubes in a gauze and place them on the belly button. O hiccups caused by spasm of the phrenic nerve, which controls the movement of the solar plexus and is the navel. With the cold, the nerve will loosen and hiccups will stop. If restarted, repeat the process once again.


If you want to fight dandruff alternative way, there is a method with spinach. Boil spinach after you have strained juices and let it cool, put it as a poultice on your head, making sure it is as far as possible in contact with the skin of the scalp. Leave it for a few minutes and then rub it with your head as if it were shampoo. Whenever the problem occurs, you should repeat the treatment 2-3 times in a week to have results


Boil some beets and juice kept arising. Make the juice massage all over the scalp before you fall asleep and let it act.

 Olive Oil Almond Oil.

 Extremely effective for your problem will prove to be a mask of olive oil and almond oil. Oils warm enough and make me massage the mixture into your head. Wrap your hair with a warm towel for 20 minutes and then rinse them and the Lushan County, as usual.


 Boil two tablespoons dried thyme in 400 grams of water for ten minutes, strained juices and let it cool. spread half liquid resulting in hair shampooed, let it act for ten minutes and then do the same procedure with the remaining liquid thyme. Do not rinse your hair

 Delicate Nail

The reasons that make our nails to break and peel are many. Somewhere is simple and has to do with our daily habits ( eg dishwashing and hand ) and others are more serious , such as fungal and require advice doctor. If you suffer from this symptom , simply because " manhandle " your hands , try a practice recipe: Every morning and evening on a 15thimero must dip the tips of your fingers in a bowl , in which you throw the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon and to let your nails air dry