Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Tooth Pain

If start to have  toothache or neuralgia of the teeth at night and looking for something that will relieve you, remember the 

1. anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of lavender. 
You can make a mouthwash with a decoction (20 gr Dried flowers or fresh 40-50 will boil for 15-20 in 1/2 liter of water) or compresses, which will apply on the painful area or external to the jaw or the cheek.
2.Ginger root. Cut a piece of ginger root and clean. Put the piece into your mouth over the tooth that hurts and the bite. The pain should subside very quickly. Keep the remaining ginger in a refrigerated container and repeat if necessary.
3. Clove essential oil. The eugenol containing numbs the sore tooth and kills bacteria. Soak a cotton ball or gauze oil cloves and brush the top and around the sore gum and the tooth. Repeat if necessary.

green clay

The green clay green clay is an ancient beauty secret . Ideal for face mask as disinfects the skin deeply absorbing spots , freckles , excess fat in the skin and soothe circles and wrinkles under the eyes . Contribute to cellulite treatment and relaxation chest.
The mask with clay retains heat, causing hyperemia thus achieved better blood circulation . The clay mask , easily absorbed , deeply moisturizes and leaves your skin soft. Even in skins that have acne problem , this mask helps in cleaning the skin pores . It also contains vitamins and antioxidants that maintain skin elasticity .Particularly rich in minerals and exhibits antioxidant properties that act against aging . The antiseptic and soothing properties contribute significantly to the regeneration of body cells .

Place a small amount of  green clay in a ceramic or glass bowl . Pour enough mineral  water into the bowl so that it covers only the clay. Let it stand for a few minutes ( giving time clay to absorb water ) then stir into a smooth paste liquid using a wooden spoon or spatula .
Using a wooden spatula , apply a thin layer of clay around your face . Leave for 10-15 minutes.
Rinse with warm water and then apply moisturizer . Your skin will feel fresh , revitalized , clean and generally look younger because lifting effect.

If you have oily skin, there are green clay mask recipes that are experiencing this specific problem.  
For oily skin, take 2 tbsp. green clay powder and add 1 tsp. aloe vera juice, half a teaspoon. jojoba oil and one drop each of essential oil of bergamot or grapefruit essential oil and lavender essential oil. Apply and remove as above.