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Lotion for oily skin and acne

Lotion for oily skin and acne , after doing washes with soap oregano our production


The recipe is executed in 2 phases
First Phase

500 ml vodka
2 tsp . tablespoons lavender
2 tsp .  calendula
2 tsp . melissa
2 cups . coffee sage

Second Phase

500 ml water
2 cups . lavender brown
2 cups . coffee sage
2 cups . melissa brown
2 cups . coffee calendula
2-3 drops . chamomilelaiou German blue ( Asclepius herbs )

Pour the vodka all the herbs of the first phase , mix well and leave for a week so as to release their constituents care 1-2 times a day to shake gently. Then strain it and begin the second phase.
The second phase is performed one week after the first so as to be ready in the first phase mixture . Boil the water then remove from the heat and add the herbs of the second phase scrambling to release their precious ingredients. Leave the mixture for half an hour strain it and pour in the mixture of the first phase , stirring well to homogenize .
The lotion is used two times a day after washing with soap do oregano ( our production ) to oily skin with acne and has antiseptic , healing and cleansing properties . At the end brush gently 2-3 drops of chamomile German blue ( Asclepius ) in person.
Refrigerate for 3 months.

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Small tree or shrub with many branches and branched stems, reaching 6 feet tall and is located almost across Greece .  
As a therapeutic herb is suitable for upset stomach , colds , bronchitis , premenstrual syndrome and dysmenorrhea . It has been used as an expectorant , diuretic , sedative, disorders of the lymphatic and fluid retention .
 It soothes the nerves and acts against colic and bladder problems .
 Helps digestion , acts as a tonic bland clean  and all functions of the organism . Externally used with washes as disinfectant and antiseptic.

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Mistletoe (Viscum Album)

The Mistletoe is known since ancient times for its medicinal properties , as a diuretic , cardiotonic , hypotensive and vasodilator .
 The report by Hippocrates , Dioscorides , Pliny and Theophrastus . Sacred plant for many European peoples while nowadays marketed in Europe with extract formulation Ixou prescription for adjunctive therapy for many cancers , especially gynecologic apparently that has the ability to kill cancer cells .
 Used in herbal medicine to treat headaches , migraines , nervous crises , hysteria , dyspnea , clouding of the eyes, asthma , as soothing to nervous tachycardia , treatment of hypertension and atherosclerosis , 
 treat problems of the circulatory and respiratory system , and enhance immune system.
 Even helps in menopause , and nephritis in status epilepticus . 

 Its use is restricted to pregnant women and generally needs attention as it has high toxicity .

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