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Lemon Soap

Lemon Soap

 The soap lemon gives shine to hair, makes it soft and manageable and gives them great flavor . Even used because it offers a stimulating and well-being , stress and eliminates dandruff and reduces hair loss . To Lemon has the capacity to close the pores , so when used in wool close the pores that hold the hair and wool stays rich and youthful. It also has the ability to make the skin soft and glowing while eliminating freckles and spots where they exist.Good is not used in cases of treatment for cellulite because it closes the pores and cellulite will not go away.

Rosemary Mint soap

Rosemary Mint soap

 Hippocrates in his references characterized the mint as a plant with great medicinal properties and a wonderful aroma . The peppermint gives the skin a feeling of freshness and stimulating . It is a perfect refreshing soap that leaves the skin clean and toned . Ideal for shampoo for oily hair .
Also , you can use the soap and the many magical properties.

Is antiseptic, helps to combat skin disorders, while washes the scalp hair and strengthens the hair loss stopped.Rosemary cleanses and purifies the body , eliminates nightmares if used for your dinner shower , brings protection and health.Peppermint has been used for centuries in healing spells and rituals of purification . The aroma invites positive spirits , brings prophetic dreams , cures headaches , clears negative energy

Sideritis Tea vs Alzheimer

Griechischer Bergtee (Eisenkraut) gegen Alzheimer

“The superior tea comes from the high mountains,” said an ancient Chinese proverb. “The Greek mountains” now add German scientists.

There is increasing reports of the miraculous properties of the Greek mountain tea in the battle against Alzheimer’s disease, which leads to the degeneration of brain cells. Suffering from Alzheimer 800,000 people in Germany and about 30 million worldwide.

The future, no, scenarios sound even more haunting, as they increase their potential patients in 2050 to more than 110 million worldwide.

Among 150 plants

“For seven years we have experimented with 150 plants and herbs from around the world, China, Thailand, Indonesia” tells the “K” Professor of Neurology at the University of Magdeburg and director of the eponymous Research Center for Neurological Diseases, Jens Pahnke . The twenty members team analyzed the ingredients of plants and animals trying to, but without significant benefit.

“From our research on the Internet, we learned about the properties of the Greek herb and decided to order it in 2010,” recalls a German professor. “We had the best results!” He describes.

Specifically, when given to mice for 25 days reduces brain injury in approximately 80%. The next “best” result was Thiethylperazin component, but reaches 70%. The 38 year old professor, who’re treated 1,500 patients from around the world annually, tested properties of tea and the mountain people.

“Drinking tea daily for six months, the disease is reneging on the level it was nine months before and after it is stabilized significantly,” he explains. “I had a patient who had memory problems and orientation and had reached a point where it could not go to the toilet on their own,” he explained. “Granted him tea for two months and now has improved to such an extent that is about to go on holiday with a friend in the Alps,” he said.

At present, the doctor recommends that you drink several cups of cold or hot tea a day. It is even common sense that the sooner one takes preventive measures for Alzheimer better. “Usually, one can reach the point of not remembering how to return home to realize that something …” run “and visit us,” says German doctor “, but if it had been earlier in a related test, we had better evolution of the disease.

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Laurel essential oil

 Laurel essential oil

 The essential oil of laurel from steam distillation of the leaves and has a distinctive aroma

It is equally effective in symptoms like rheumatism, neuralgia,muscular pain, circulation problems

cold, flu, dental infection, diarrhea, skin infections and promoting growth of hair, and general

health of the scalp.Also its properties like anti septic, anti biotic, , anti neuralgic, anti spasmodic

 Essential Oil of Laurel is beneficial for the whole body

Has very effective action in cases of mental fatigue as it stimulates brain function . Used even tonsillitis ,.

in situations of colds , influenza , rheumatic diseases and dermatitis .


Helps provide relief from conditions like epilepsy, hysteria, convulsions, anxiety, stress, depression, anger etc.

is effective in turning on obstructed menses and making

Another benefit of laurel is the removal of toxins, excess salt, water, and fat from the body through sweat.

Being lethal for insects is yet another beneficial property of this oil, it can be used in fumigants, sprays,

vaporizers, and in various other ways to keep away insects.

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laurel(Laurus nobillis)


Tree well known in Greece since antiquity that was dedicated to the god Apollo . With branches of laurel crowned the winners of the Olympic Games .The leaves of the plant are used mainly in cooking , but also has important therapeutic properties .The decoction of (2-3 leaves boiled in water) has tonic and diuretic properties and helps in indigestion and anorexia . Bay leaves boiled in water used to stimulate hair structure and donate shine and hair health . With leaves of pharmaceutical preparations are made , together with other plants ( balsams) and used for the control of rheumatism . It has been very effective action in cases of mental fatigue , and stimulates brain function in situations colds , influenza , tonsillitis , and dermatitis .

Calendula officinalis

Calendula officinalis

 The main benefit of drinking calendula tea is high in beta carotene, a mineral found in carrots. Beta carotene can boost the immune system, reduce the risks of certain types of cancer, and help stave off rheumatoid arthritis and other joint inflammations.   In short, you will get close to the same amount of beta carotene from this tea that you could from eating carrots, along with a rich dose of vitamin A to boot. Calendula also contains other oils and sugars that, combined with beta carotene, can help to boost your immune system tremendously.
It can be good for treating stomach cramps, increasing urination, as well as settling indigestions, and aches of the stomach. For common pains such as these, calendula tea is great to keep on hand since it is a safe remedy that can even be administered to children in small amounts.

 Another excellent benefit to drinking Calendula tea is that it can help regulate menstrual periods in women. It can also help during these times by alleviating pains associated with abdominal cramps and it can reduce the occurrence of hot flashes, headaches, and nausea. For those that are suffering from menstrual disorders, Calendula can help ease and lessen the symptoms of uncomfortable symptoms that occur as a result.

Pour 1 cup of boiling water over 1-2 tsp. of dried calendula petals. Steep for 10 min, then strain. Drink 2-3 cups of warm tea daily.