Thursday, 3 July 2014

Thistle(Silybum marianum)

Miracle herb! 
The all too familiar Thistle has many healing properties such as sweating , cholagogue , diuretic , tonic , anti-colic , dysentery and hypotension . Saves the liver!
Prevents Hepatitis!
"Cleans" from chemo!
Milk thistle is an herb treasure that every home should have a the glove compartment!Thistle after chemo! 
What should we go as a gift to cancer patients after chemotherapy? Certainly not juice borne tumor markers according to the latest research!But thistle! After the patient has recovered, a decoction of thistle eliminate toxins and radiation and cleanses the bodygivinig power.
Ask your doctor!Clean liver!
Consider the best herb if you want to protect your liver from cirrhosis and hepatitis. 

Especially if you are taking medicines for various diseases, of which the process passes through the liver and tire it, the thistle will help to recover smoothly.
Consider also ideal if you suffer from Syndrome X. As is well known to those of you who suffer from this syndrome, gripped him many symptoms. 
High cholesterol, triglycerides, pressure, elevated blood sugar and weight. Thistle or else Silyvon, protects, treats and strengthens.If our body due to a virus infection or other disease, is overloaded with antibiotics and want to rid of toxins, thistle again is the solution. 
Protects the liver from the burden of receiving the drugs.
The thistle is a very good health secret is time ceased to be secret but simple and certain knowledge that can save and prevent.. Even necessary for milk production during lactation and psoriasis .
Attention is not a drug , nor the substitute . Consult your doctor

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