Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Laurel (Laurus nobillis)

Tree well known in Greece since antiquity that was dedicated to the god Apollo . With branches of laurel crowned the winners of the Olympic Games .
The leaves of the plant are used mainly in cooking , but also has important therapeutic properties .
The decoction of (2-3 leaves boiled in water) has tonic and diuretic properties and helps in indigestion and anorexia . Bay leaves boiled in water used to stimulate hair structure and donate shine and hair health . With leaves of pharmaceutical preparations are made , together with other plants ( balsams) and used for the control of rheumatism . It has been very effective action in cases of mental fatigue , and stimulates brain function in situations colds , influenza , tonsillitis , and dermatitis .

Attention is not a drug , nor the substitute . Consult your doctor .

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