Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Calendula officinalis

The main benefit of drinking calendula tea is high in beta carotene, a mineral found in carrots.
Beta carotene can boost the immune system, reduce the risks of certain types of cancer, and help stave off rheumatoid arthritis and other joint inflammations.
 In short, you will get close to the same amount of beta carotene from this tea that you could from eating carrots, along with a rich dose of vitamin A to boot.
Calendula also contains other oils and sugars that, combined with beta carotene, can help to boost your immune system tremendously.It can be good for treating stomach cramps, increasing urination, as well as settling indigestions, and aches of the stomach.
For common pains such as these, calendula tea is great to keep on hand since it is a safe remedy that can even be administered to children in small amounts. 
Another excellent benefit to drinking calendula tea is that it can help regulate menstrual periods in women. It can also help during these times by alleviating pains associated with abdominal cramps and it can reduce the occurrence of hot flashes, headaches, and nausea. For those that are suffering from menstrual disorders, calendula can help ease and lessen the symptoms of uncomfortable symptoms that occur as a result.

 Pour 1 cup of boiling water over 1-2 tsp. of dried calendula petals. Steep for 10 min, then strain. Drink 2-3 cups of warm tea daily.

Attention is not a drug , nor the substitute . Consult your doctor .

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