Monday, 2 June 2014

Orange Soap,Oregano Soap

 Orange Soap

The orange soap is the best for the face and body because it has rejuvenating properties, cleans open pores and tones the skin. The orange peel contains vitamin C and has antiseptic and detoxifying properties that soften facial wrinkles, shine and elasticity to the skin.

 Oregano Soap

Handmade soap with glycerin and essential oil of oregano,It is antiseptic, and act effectively against fungi, psoriasis, acne and skin diseases.
 There are many more reasons to use oregano, but it’s anti-cancerous and antimicrobial abilities have been proven in multiple studies to be as efficient as other common treatment, or perhaps better, without the side effects.
 Use specially for treating acne by washing 2-3 times a day and in a few days you will see substantial results.

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