Saturday, 24 May 2014

Sideritis mountain tea

Sideritis mountain tea is the most well kept secret .....

Benefits: Antibacterial, Antioxidants, Anticancer properties, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Osteoporosis.
A study from Magdeburg University in Germany has recently shown that mountain tea can help Alzheimer – Professor #Jens #Pahnke along with 20 team members analyzed more than 150 tea varieties and herbs from China, Thailand, Indonesia and more with no effect in the treatment. “From researching on the internet, we found that there is a Greek herb that has strong antiinflammatory properties,s so we decided to order it and test it” said the professor. ” When we tried it in mice for 25 days in a row, we have been amazed by the results! Mice showed considerable improvement, eliminating the brain damage by 80%!. The next best result was the Thiethylperazin, which eliminated the problem by only 70%” says the professor.“By drinking mountain tea for 6 months, patients with Alzheimer disease reduced the disease to the level it was nine months ago and then it stabilised.”