Monday, 26 May 2014

lemon face mask -Freckles

For years the lemon is considered one of the natural remedies for freckles because fresh juice has the property .

 To whiten the skin , and keeps control sebum secretion and thanks to vitamins to fight free radicals that so devastating to the skin .use layers of fresh lemon juice and spreads do this on freshly freckles in our face .
 Mix lemon juice with orange juice and add them crushed black currant and mashed parsley . This mixture should be a thick paste which spread to clean our face .  
We leave fifteen minutes and rinse with lukewarm water (unless we use black currant other materials ) . 
If we can find immature Corinth raisins ( without pesticides ) the mash and mix with pure honey by making a thick paste .  
We leave for half an hour on the freckles and rinse with lukewarm water and then dab blemishes with fresh lemon juice .