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The 95% of diseases heals Pythagorean diet - part 1

A few Pythagorean  

About Nutrition: Hippocrates: "What maintains health is, equitable distribution, and precise mixing , of the  dry,  liquid,  cold, sweet,  bitter, sour and salty. 

 Illness caused by the monopoly of the one (= monarch).
Treatment achieved by restoring the disturbed balancing, the method of the opposite of the spare power.  These concepts we find intact to Hippocrates. The exact mix, the egalitarian, symmetry, harmony, are the basis of the healing treatment of  Pythagoreans and of Hippocrates. 

The Red Beans: really can heal and help to maintain good kidney function - and look exactly like the human kidneys. 

Nut: looks like a little brain, a left and right hemisphere, upper and lower brain and cerebellum. Walnuts help in brain development and brain function. 

Carrot: The cross section of the carrot resembles the human eye. Carrots greatly enhance blood flow to the eyes and enhance general eye function.

 Figs: simulating the testes and are full of seeds and hang in pairs when they grow. Figs increase the mobility of male (+) sperm cells and increases the number of spermatozoa for help to overcome male sterility.

 The Celery: looks like bones. Celery is specifically aimed at strengthening and bone strength. Foods with sodium, such as celery feeds necessary, skeletal body needs. 

The Avocado: aimed at health and proper functioning of the womb and cervical of the woman. Avocados help the female hormones come into balance, shed unwanted weight after birth, and prevention of cancer cervical. 

Mushrooms: Mushrooms can help improve hearing, as further, mushrooms are one of the few foods containing vitamin D. Vitamin D is important for healthy bones, which strengthens even tiny bones found within the ear which transmit sound to the brain. 

Grapes: A diet high in fresh fruits, such as grapes, has been shown to reduce the risk of lung cancer and emphysema. The grape seeds also contain a chemical called proanthocyanidin, which seems to reduce the severity of allergic asthma. 

Ginger (ginger): One of the biggest benefits is aiding digestion, and is also a popular treatment for disabled-diseases.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Sage essential oil

The health benefits of Sage Essential Oil can be attributed to its properties like anti fungal, anti microbial, antioxidant, anti septic, anti inflammatory, antispasmodic, antibacterial, calming ,choleretic, cicatrisant, depurative, digestive, disinfectant, emenagogue, expectorant, febrifuge, laxative and stimulant.

Massaging the abdomen gently will help relieve period pain and other uterine problems.
It regulates hormones and may help PMT symptoms.
Sage is also good for relieving digestive problems such as wind by massaging the abdomen.
Sage can be used as a massage blend or diluted in the bath. It is an ideal treatment for both nervous exhaustion and depression.
 Antioxidant: is perhaps the most valuable aspect of this essential oil and the reason behind its extensiveness use in anti-aging and skin treatment products. Antioxidants, act against the oxidants or free radicals in the body, which are the main causes behind aging. These antioxidants slow down aging and symptoms of aging like wrinkles preventinfo, sagging skin and muscles, reduction in vision and hearing capabilities, malfunctioning of the brain, memory loss, degeneration of tissues, macular degeneration and nervous disorders.
 Sage essential oil helps to manage dermatitis, herpes, psoriasis, sinusitis, asthma and bronchitis, accumulation of phlegm,sciatica and lumbago as well as inducing mental stability, alertness.

                                                                       SAFE USE

Clary Sage should not be used before driving. Do not use during pregnancy.

Being a nervous stimulant, those with epilepsy, hysteria, or a history of either, shouldering avoid using it.  
 consult your doctor 

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Aloe Vera ,Benefits,Uses.

Aloe cleanse pores ,preventing skin oiliness, moisturizes the skin and slows down aging.If you have an aloe plant , cut one of the leaves , closer to the ground is better because they have more components, open in the middle and collect the gel into a container.

                                                  Protective mask for dry and damaged hair

• 1 small spoon of aloe vera
• 1 table spoon of honey
1 teaspoon of castor oil 


 Mix all ingredients together and massage the head gently rubbing the scalp
 Leave for 30-40 minutes before soak. After shampooing, rinse with chamomile and then with water. Applying one to two times a week, your hair will regain their elasticity. 

                                                           Cooling help for legs 

 2 table spoon of aloe vera gel
1/2 teaspoon of peppermint oil

Mix the ingredients in a bowl and, when your legs feel tired and heavy, spread a small amount and massage until absorbed. 

                                                                   Body cream for dry skin

1 cup olive oil  

2/3 cup rose water 

 1/3 cup aloe  gel 

2 drops of rose oil  

14 gr of beeswax

In a saucepan, mix on low heat olive oil with beeswax until melted. Allow the mixture to cool. In another pot, boil the rose water with the gel then add to the first mixture.After you mix all together in a blender until it Becomes cream.Last add the rose oil. Store in a jar for one month.


For fungal foot: Apply aloe vera gel on the area and wrap it with a bandage. Repeat until the infection is gone.
For bruises: Apply aloe directly on the bump 3-4 times a day or cut a sheet and tie it onto the hit point. pain and swelling will decrease substantially.

For small cuts and abrasions: First clean the wound and then apply aloe or soak a bandage with aloe juice and tie it to the region. Repeat until slicing or skinning closed. The regenerative action of aloe will help to heal quickly the small wound.

For eczema: you can still use it externally as ointment, and drink 1-2 teaspoons daily until the eczema improves.

                                                       What to watch out
  When aloe is used for application to the skin, it is considered safe as long the juice avoid entering directly onto extensive open wound. The potential to cause an allergic reaction is rare. On the other hand, consumption of aloe by mouth wants attention, because it can cause cramping and diarrhea.
 The women during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and those who have problems such as abdominal pain, ileus, or a history of allergy to garlic, onion and other plants of this family should avoid taking it.
 The aloe can interact with hydrocortisone, diuretics, anticoagulants and drugs for diabetes. This may, for example, improve the functioning of the pancreas, which required adjustment of the insulin dose. 
 Because of its laxative action, can still throw potassium levels in the blood and cause arrhythmias

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Marjoram (Origanum majorana)

In Greece Marjoram is known from Ancient times where it was used as a drug in stomach and intestinal discomfort .  
It has Antispasmodic , Antiseptic , and Antinefralgikes properties and Soothes Coughs , Headaches and Dizziness . It is one of the best Digestive Herbs and helps in the Treatment of Gas in the Stomach and intestines and sour and heartburn . And has an effect on the central nervous system and acts as a Sedative for Insomnia , Stress and Depression.

Culpeper  wrote in one of the most popular book about Votanology in 1653 "can rarely be found herb that heals better sour stomach" 

 Combines perfectly with the Melissa in a wonderful drink for the treatment of insomnia.
Combine Marjoram, Chamomile and Spearmint have good results in Inflammation of the gums and tongue.

For Depression and Anxiety is well combined with Melissa. 

Colds have similar therapeutic effect with oregano.  

The use of the beverage marjoram is internal and external.

Internal Use

The drink soothes Headaches, Dizziness, helps Nerve Disease, soothes Coughs and Tooth Pain, helps in Pains, Rheumatism, Enderic Disorders and in Pain Belly.

Method of Beverage Extraction

Decoction: We boil a few minutes a teaspoon Marjoram in a pot of water. Strain and drink it hot with Honey.

Injectate: Put a teaspoon Marjoram in a jug of hot water. Allow 10 minutes, strain and drink it hot with Honey.

External Use

The poultice of the leaves and the rubbing with the essential oil , relieves rheumatism and arthritic pain, while the beautiful fragrance removes bad mood, depression and stress.
Helps to antiseptic use of wounds.
The leaves, mounted on bruises or in places where insects have stung is very emollients.  

The juice along with alcohol, is used for rubbing in people suffering from neuralgia. The leaves doing very good to the liver and promote proper blood circulation.

Essential oil: 3-4 drops in a spoonful of honey, 2-3 times a day. The oil of the plant used for rubbing on the painfull joints and rheumatism.  

Marjoram is used in perfumery, cooking, baking and as a therapeutic material.Also used in the manufacture of soap, toothpaste and myrrh.

At high doses marjoram may cause dizziness and hallucinations. 
Consequently the many drinks not adviced. 

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Monday, 14 July 2014

Hyssopus Officinalis

Perennial plant with a height of 40-60 cm was known to Hippocrates and Dioscorides in antiquity .
It has antispasmodic , expectorant , sweating , sedative and emmenagogue action . 
It is  powerful food  for the Bees.

Benefits ...

Treatment of cough, bronchitis, bronchial asthma and other respiratory diseases.
Operates effectively as a tonic for the gastrointestinal system .
Hyssopus officinalis is  a diuretic,used as a natural remedy for edema. 
Its diuretic properties cause more frequent urination, which can help lower blood pressure and flush toxins from the body.
Hyssopus Tea is good for the heart.
Hyssopus officinalis is also used in the treatment of insomnia, nervous tension, stress, and anxiety. 
Its expectorant component helps thin and flush out mucus to clear the lungs and sinuses, making it a popular folk remedy for colds, bronchitis, (and other respiratory infections),ease the symptoms of flu..
The strong aroma of the essential oil of hyssop is a component of many liqueurs. It is also used as an ingredient in perfumes and colognes. Essential oil use shows antibacterial activity.  
Used in cosmetics to protect and clean sensitive skin.  
The leaves are used in cooking as a flavoring for soups, salads and other Mediterranean plates .

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Monday, 7 July 2014

Basil VS Anxiety

If before a contest or some other stressful event you can not relax and sleep,then look for soothing and hypnotic properties of fresh basil

 Put 25g fresh basil leaves in half liter of cold water and allow the concoction to boil over low heat, with the cap closed for 10 minutes.  
After you cool concoction,you  drink 3-4 cups throughout the day. So when it's bedtime, you can easily fall asleep. If the nervousness and anxiety is very intense, you can start the treatment it several days ago.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Thistle(Silybum marianum)

Miracle herb! 
The all too familiar Thistle has many healing properties such as sweating , cholagogue , diuretic , tonic , anti-colic , dysentery and hypotension . Saves the liver!
Prevents Hepatitis!
"Cleans" from chemo!
Milk thistle is an herb treasure that every home should have a the glove compartment!Thistle after chemo! 
What should we go as a gift to cancer patients after chemotherapy? Certainly not juice borne tumor markers according to the latest research!But thistle! After the patient has recovered, a decoction of thistle eliminate toxins and radiation and cleanses the bodygivinig power.
Ask your doctor!Clean liver!
Consider the best herb if you want to protect your liver from cirrhosis and hepatitis. 

Especially if you are taking medicines for various diseases, of which the process passes through the liver and tire it, the thistle will help to recover smoothly.
Consider also ideal if you suffer from Syndrome X. As is well known to those of you who suffer from this syndrome, gripped him many symptoms. 
High cholesterol, triglycerides, pressure, elevated blood sugar and weight. Thistle or else Silyvon, protects, treats and strengthens.If our body due to a virus infection or other disease, is overloaded with antibiotics and want to rid of toxins, thistle again is the solution. 
Protects the liver from the burden of receiving the drugs.
The thistle is a very good health secret is time ceased to be secret but simple and certain knowledge that can save and prevent.. Even necessary for milk production during lactation and psoriasis .
Attention is not a drug , nor the substitute . Consult your doctor

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Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Aromatic plant known since ancient times the Greeks who used skin diseases. But it has tonic , diuretic, anticonvulsant , and antiseptic properties and action against diarrhea , asthma , cough and influenza catarrh . 
 It is soothing to the stomach and nervous system and helps fight insomnia , stress , and migraine .  
Helpful even to address the moth during storage of clothes in the closets .
As a dandruff shampoo. Boil a handful of lavender flowers in a teapot of water and allow to cool. Mix in a little baking soda. This makes a great anti-dandruff shampoo, plus is smells great and isn't harmful to our oceans and rivers.

Attention is not a drug , nor the substitute . Consult your doctor 

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Laurel (Laurus nobillis)

Tree well known in Greece since antiquity that was dedicated to the god Apollo . With branches of laurel crowned the winners of the Olympic Games .
The leaves of the plant are used mainly in cooking , but also has important therapeutic properties .
The decoction of (2-3 leaves boiled in water) has tonic and diuretic properties and helps in indigestion and anorexia . Bay leaves boiled in water used to stimulate hair structure and donate shine and hair health . With leaves of pharmaceutical preparations are made , together with other plants ( balsams) and used for the control of rheumatism . It has been very effective action in cases of mental fatigue , and stimulates brain function in situations colds , influenza , tonsillitis , and dermatitis .

Attention is not a drug , nor the substitute . Consult your doctor .

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Himalayan salt

One of the world's most potent and powerful "hidden secrets", pink Himalayan salt is pulled from the world's most beautiful (and highest) now in range and has been prized for its healing and restorative powers ever since ancient times.
 It Will Provide Your Body With 84 Much Needed Minerals And Other Bio Compounds
It Has Been Used To Effectively Detoxify The Human Body 
Benefits Of Lowering Blood Pressure
Use It To Relax Your Muscle
Banish Sinus Issues And Respiratory Conditions
It Can Dramatically Improve The Condition Of Your SleepBalancing 
Out Your Body’s Acidity And Alkaline Levels
It Heals Your Arteries

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Fennel, one of the oldest plants used in herbal medicine.Fennel tea is perhaps best known for its antispasmodic and anti cramping properties. In addition, it stimulates the appetite, promotes good digestion and is an excellent remedy for gas. Because the tea is safe and gentle, it can be mixed into food for infants and children. 

To relieve digestive complaints in infants and children

Fennel tea’s sweet flavour and antispasmodic effect make it a good choice for children with stomach upset.
In infants with colic, a few tbsp. of fennel tea bring fast relief.

 Pour 1 cup of boiling water over 1 tsp. of crushed fennel seeds. Allow it to steep for 10 min and then strain. The tea is also helpful to older children with abdominal pain and flatulence. You can make fennel tea with milk instead of water or use the tea to thin whole milk or pureed foods.fennel tea removes toxins and inhibits excessive intestinal fermentation, thereby reducing gas.
To reduce inflammation or swelling around the eyes, apply compresses soaked in fennel tea.

Pour ¾ cup of boiling water over 1-2 tsp. of freshly crushed fennel seeds. Allow this mixture to steep on a h0ot stove for 5-10 min., but do not allow it to boil again. Drink this tea for the relief of digestive complaints. The recommended dose is 1 cup of tea 3 times a day, between meals. Three to six weeks of this daily fennel tea regimen usually brings relief. Children older than 5 yrs of age should take only half of this amount; infants should be given one-eighth of the adult dose.

Always advice your doctor.

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Calendula officinalis

The main benefit of drinking calendula tea is high in beta carotene, a mineral found in carrots.
Beta carotene can boost the immune system, reduce the risks of certain types of cancer, and help stave off rheumatoid arthritis and other joint inflammations.
 In short, you will get close to the same amount of beta carotene from this tea that you could from eating carrots, along with a rich dose of vitamin A to boot.
Calendula also contains other oils and sugars that, combined with beta carotene, can help to boost your immune system tremendously.It can be good for treating stomach cramps, increasing urination, as well as settling indigestions, and aches of the stomach.
For common pains such as these, calendula tea is great to keep on hand since it is a safe remedy that can even be administered to children in small amounts. 
Another excellent benefit to drinking calendula tea is that it can help regulate menstrual periods in women. It can also help during these times by alleviating pains associated with abdominal cramps and it can reduce the occurrence of hot flashes, headaches, and nausea. For those that are suffering from menstrual disorders, calendula can help ease and lessen the symptoms of uncomfortable symptoms that occur as a result.

 Pour 1 cup of boiling water over 1-2 tsp. of dried calendula petals. Steep for 10 min, then strain. Drink 2-3 cups of warm tea daily.

Attention is not a drug , nor the substitute . Consult your doctor .

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